We provide end-to-end BI solutions:
Interactive Reporting
Complex ETL Jobs
Dimensional Modeling
OLAP Cube Design
Predictive models

We do it all leveraging open source tools and offshore teams. Check out our demo, download our code - see it for yourself. We are here to help you monetize your data!

BI 2.0, Next Generation BI, and Everythig New and Improved

Fellow blogger Bhupendra Khanal has an interesting post that mentions the challenges associated with BI 2.0/Information 2.0 (he also plugs our very own OpenI, which is much appreciated — Bhupendra, may OpenI karma come back to you thousand-fold Software industry, not unlike any other, contains a lot of hype and probably sometimes even more so [...]

Taking BI Beyond Charts and Graphs

I attended a talk at the monthly BI SIG meeting at SDForum by Christian Marcazzo from Spotfire, now a part of Tibco. I have long admired Spotfire’s innovations on data visualization front, so I was curious how they see BI from the whole Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) aspect, and couple of things stood out. First – [...]