In the mid 2000’s, we started an open source project to develop data visualization and analytics tools, and called it OpenI (pronounced “Open Eye”). Later, we turned OpenI into a consulting company and used these tools to help clients solve data science problems. We were fortunate to take deep dives into select domains such as online marketing and HR analytics, but it wasn’t until we started our first healthcare project with UCSF (University of California at San Francisco) in 2011 when we realized our true calling was definitely healthcare.

Our first UCSF project was to make de-identified healthcare data from medical center available to researchers for sizing up potential patient cohort groups for their clinical research projects. In 2016, we started another project with UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation (CDHI) that leverages the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) open standard to enable patient data interoperability in patient referral workflows. We have also been helping companies build mobile and web applications for patients, care providers, and administrators, leveraging SMART-on-FHIR for apps that launch directly from within the EHR to seamlessly add smart workflow solutions to EHR.

We have a full team of mobile and web backend software developers in an offshore team that is complemented by US-based technical leads and project managers. We have also built expertise in cloud-based deployments using Amazon Web Services (AWS). With this unique combination of cloud, open source, healthcare open standards, and offshore teams, we are able to provide much faster turnaround in launching new healthcare apps.

If that is something that could help your organization, please let us know. We will have a lot of fun working together.

A Word from the Founder

I love building tech solutions with high social impact. Founded my first startup (cloud-based marketing analytics) in the aughts (got acquired); then an off-grid solar company in Nepal (running profitably and growing); then went all-in with digital health (consulting at UCSF on a number of cool products). Always up for fun new gigs with smart people who want to make a (humane) dent in the universe.

I have taken on several Head-of-Product type roles. I have sold to enterprise customers, pitched investors to raise funds, and built out teams to execute business. I now use these skills and experiences to solve the big day-to-day problems faced by patients and providers alike; building scalable solutions with faster time-to-market.

Recently, I led product management at UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation for a referrals automation product. This increases revenue by cutting down processing time, and improves patient and provider experiences by sharing referral status in real time. Now I’m managing a program to offer AWS for healthcare research, and design a Kubernetes-based platform that supports HPC, ML, AI (supports use cases like running NLP on clinical notes and recognizing patterns in radiology images). In my spare time, I experiment with chatbots to help with patient-provider interactions.

I can help you move the proverbial pig through the python – i.e. get digital health solutions approved by health system governance committees and IT groups. I have led time and motion studies, design mockups and workflows, and interviews with patients, providers, and admins. I have incorporated interoperability standards like FHIR, built tech partnerships, and recruited/managed engineering teams. My quest is still on to hone my craft to serve more great causes (would love to learn about yours).

Please reach out if you have cool startups/projects where I may be able to help. Would love to connect.

Sandeep Giri