Hear from our Team

Sandeep Giri
Founder, CTO/Head-of-Products-for-Hire

“Enabling commerce at the intersection of technology and social impact – that is my guiding philosophy for developing great products since the mid 90’s, both as a leader/manager of great teams, as well as an entrepreneur launching companies. And I’d love to partner with you to develop and scale exciting new technology products and solutions.

In 2001, I co-founded a marketing analytics software company in San Francisco (Loyalty Matrix) as its CTO. I led a 15-person team to develop a SaaS platform (serving clients like Apple, 24-hour Fitness, and LA Times), which was later acquired by Responsys (now part of Oracle). After that, I founded a consulting company OpenI, delivering successful big data projects for clients like Kaspersky Labs, UCSF, and CareerBuilder.

In 2010, I decided to follow my passion for clean technology, and launched an off-grid solar company (Gham Power) to provide electricity to small businesses and rural communities in developing countries. To date, we have deployed over 700 projects, and the company now runs independently with its 30-person staff and a capable local management team.

My secret sauce? I take product strategies and industry domain expertise honed over years, and combine them with efficiencies of open source and highly productive teams. This has enabled me to launch products with much less costs and faster time to market.”

Tom Bowen
Global Project Manager

“Dedicated to continuous process improvement in the face of rapidly evolving and changing markets. Extremely results-oriented and proactive in finding cost-effective solutions.

Accomplished in human relations, project management, staff recruitment and retention. Leverage my background in development and deployment of high stakes IT initiatives.

Supervisory and management skills with experience working in all areas of information technologies from startups to established organizations. I have the ability to ensure continuous progress while maintaining a balance between urgent issues and important strategies.”

Uddhab Pant
Technical Lead, Big Data Solutions

“I have over 18 year is of extensive experience in application design and development, encompassing a wide range of skill set and over 12 years of experience with data, data processing, BI, analytics and data mining. My expertise is to build data products, BI systems, analytical systems from scratch using open source and/or commercial tools and technologies.

I have knowledge and experience in the both traditional BI (DW, ETL, Analytics/Reporting) and modern BI (BigData, NoSQL, Stream processing, Statistical Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning)”

  • Analysis, design, development and implementation of enterprise software
  • DW, ETL, OLAP and Relational databases
  • Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Data Science
  • Big Data tools and technologies
  • Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns
  • Experience in using Agile/XP/Scrum Process Methodologies
  • Experience in leading teams


  • Enterprise Software, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Science
  • Big Data Processing : Hadoop, Storm, Spark
  • BI Stack : Microsoft BI, Pentaho BI, OBIEE
  • ETL : Pentaho DI, Informatica, MS-SSIS
  • Language : Java, C#, R, Scala, Python
  • Database : Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Cassandra, RedShift


In the mid 2000’s, we were building an on-demand marketing analytics platform to analyze marketing data for customers like Apple, 24 Hour Fitness and Los Angeles Times.

We spent about a year researching various Business Intelligence (“BI”) tools, and were frustrated not only by their crazy price tags, but also by the insane complexity involved in customizing them (to this day, no BI platform provides 100% of what you need out of the box – despite anything that you may have heard).

Why couldn’t BI solutions be like open source and open-standards-based software, which assumes there will always be tweaking, and as such, provides the hooks to tweak in a cleaner fashion?

We found a lot of open source tools that could do bits and pieces of what we needed – but no one single comprehensive platform that put it all together. So we started our own open source project – called it OpenI (pronounced “Open Eye”) – and consolidated all the bits and pieces to provide a simple yet powerful interface to work with our data, and OpenI became the foundation of the marketing analytics platform we built (later acquired by Responsys, now part of Oracle).

A lot has happened since then — for starters, it’s not “BI” anymore, but a mix of “big data” and “data science”:)– but thankfully, tools are much better now, both open source as well as low-cost SaaS solutions, so that we don’t have to maintain the entire platform ourselves anymore – including “big data” technology like Spark and Hadoop, tools like Pentaho, RedShift, Tableau, and QlikView for ETL, data visualization, OLAP, column-based databases, predictive modeling, etc. etc. Definitely much better times to build big data applications.

And that is exactly what we do at OpenI today!

Our work has evolved to providing more domain-specific point solutions as plug-ins or complementary components to leading big data and data visualizations platforms (why reinvent the wheel?). We have a full team of smart big data and data visualization software developers, with a large offshore team complemented by US-based technical leads and project managers, and we build solutions for clients all around the world. Along the way, we have also built expertise in cloud-based deployments using Amazon Web Services (AWS) so we are able to provide much faster turnaround in launching new apps.

The end goal is still the same – our success comes from monetizing data. And doing so in a  fast, iterative way that doesn’t cost a whole lot of money.

If that is something that could help your organization, please let us know. It will be fun.