Dear OpenI Community,

We are happy to announce the release of OpenI 3.0.1 as a plug-in for Pentaho CE. With this release, we will focus more on developing new features on top of Pentaho (and perhaps Jasper) instead of OpenI being a BI Server in itself.

The OpenI plugin for Pentaho provides a simple and clean user interface to visualize data in OLAP cubes. It supports both direct Mondrian and xmla based connections like Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), plus provides OpenI specific features like:

  • Explore OLAP cube data – point to a cube, choose a metric, and instantly chart the metric against all available dimensions
  • Write custom SQL for drillthrough to return more detailed data sets (instead of just identifiers)
  • Post drillthrough results directly to an external web service (instead of always having to download to local machine)
  • and many more..

A demo video is available at –

You can download it at –

Documentation is at –

We would love to hear your feedback.


Sandeep Giri
Project Lead, OpenI.Org

Sandeep Giri
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Sandeep Giri

Founder, CTO/Head-of-Products-for-Hire at OpenI, inc.
Technology executive delivering successful big data and analytics products in Marketing Automation, CRM, HR, AgTech, and healthcare research. I take product strategies and industry domain expertise honed over years, and combine them with efficiencies of open source and offshore teams. This enables launching products with 50 to 75% less costs and time to market.

I have been in the technology industry over 10 years, wearing different leadership hats in product development and management. In 2001, I co-founded a marketing analytics software company in San Francisco (Loyalty Matrix) as its CTO, and grew the company until 2007, when we were acquired by Responsys, now a part of Oracle. After that, I founded OpenI as a consulting company to help clients like Responsys Oracle, Kaspersky Labs, UCSF, and CareerBuilder with big data analytics and dashboard solutions.
Sandeep Giri
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  1. GS

    Hello! Do I have to do additional configuration to access my own cubes on OpenI Pentaho Plugin? I can’t view these cubes when create a new analysis. On default olap viewer of Pentaho, the cubes are shown normally.

  2. Sujen

    Hello GS,

    Did you try restarting the BI server?? Also, which version of Pentaho BI server you are using Openi plugin with??

    Also here is our forum link ( under, if you would like to post further questions for discussion.


  3. danny

    how can I get the code source

  4. Sujen


    We haven’t released the source yet.. just the plugin binary. But yes, we will be out with the source, very soon.

    Thanks for trying out the plugin.

  5. danny

    can you send me the code source?
    I want it to lean

  6. TheAkaBroken

    Hello open i i copied to the server pentaho as explained.

    But I’m not able to login.

    What are the credentials for the ligin?

  7. Arf

    Hello Sandeep,
    As an happy Openi 1.3 old user, I’ve tried to run Openi 3 in my Bi Server 3.10 Pentaho project.

    With my configuration, I very very often hang on selecting filter mebers with these error panels:

    “Member Navigator:

    and , after closing the first:

    Unable to generate the HTML for the member navigator component null.”

    I’ve also tried to install your plugin on a fresh 3.10 bi-server with demo data.
    It works for a while but, after a long use, begins to raise the same errors.

    I hope in your suggestion to start to show your work to my customers as as an option between the old jpivot and the new, perhaps too, saiku.

    best regards,

  8. Itso

    I have the same problem as described just above by Arf: Unable to generate the HTML for the member navigator component null.

    It gets fixed for a while if I put the dimension on a column or row and them open it. Then, when I return it to filter it works but only for a while.

    Please help.

    The product is great, otherwise!


  9. Preeti

    I have put the OpenI plug in my Pentaho installation as mentioned in the installation guide. But I am unable to see the OpenI interface. Please Help..

  10. Rajesh rajamani

    Unable to login to the Demo page with the user id openi ?. Any clues ?

  11. DanieleS

    i have a problem with plug-in. In wizard i see my cube but when try to access it, the plugin return an error: Could not get the slicer value null.
    Can you help me?

    Thank’s a lot

  12. Mike Ma


    After testing, I have to say it is a fantastic OLAP viewer. While a problem occurs when I change my view from OLAP table to chart. It seems the chart can not display chinese characters properly in chart legend. While Jpivot’s display is fine. Could you please help me to solve this problem?

    Thanks a lot.

  13. Saurabh

    You have provided guide for Pentaho BI Server but not for MS SSAS.


  14. Pradeep

    Hi Sandeep,

    As per your documents it OpenI can be connected with SSAS. But I did a several try and still failed to connect. I configured the IIS as pre-requisite and added the datasource in datasource.xml. Still it never access the ssas cube. Please help is there any way to connect same.


  15. Brig


    I posted this in the Pentaho Forums with no replies yet:

    I am not sure if you follow the Pentaho Forums. I am running Pentaho BI 5.2 CE. Your OpenI plugin seems to work fine for the Steel Wheels Pentaho sample data yet it bombs out with the error “Could not get the slicer value null” for my Sales Cube.

    If you review my post on the forums you will see I have included complete log file. In that log file there is an error about my Customer Dimension “contains more than one hierarchy”.

    Well I went back to the ‘Bible’ (Kimball’s book “Data Warehouse Toolkit”) and refreshed my memory on Dimension Hierarchies and now agree that yes my Customer Dimension does have multiple hierarchies yet this should not be an issue, even Kimball stated on page 45:

    “It is not uncommon to represent multiple hierarchies in a dimension table . . .”

    So I am not sure why OpenI is generating errors about this. Is it because maybe OpenI can only deal with very simple cubes where each dimension only has a single hierarchy?

    We were very interested in using the OpenI plugin for visualization yet if it will not work for our cubes due to this hierarchy issue can you please lemme know so I do not waste any more time with it?



  16. When i am saving my report, it is showing “error.Encountered when saving Type error:r is Undefined” and after that showing “Analysis Report saved successfully.” but when i am opening the saved report it is showing below error:-
    exception while getting file with path “:home:Telecel:Test:Crbt_IVR_Call_LOG.openi” Reference number: e6c622f1-68c4-4896-b93c-32736ed67b5c

    Can you please tell me, what is the exact problem

  17. can you please tell me how we can show data or percentage on above the chart, It provides configure option to edit the chart, but there is no more edit option like
    1. we can show name above the chart
    2. we can show data like amount, percentage, numbers on above the chart.

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