OpenI plug-in for i2b2 in Healthcare research provides a business intelligence interface for patient cohort selection – dashboard, drill-down reports, direct download of underlying patient encounter data, and more

Sandeep Giri
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Sandeep Giri

Founder, CTO/Head-of-Products-for-Hire at OpenI, inc.
Technology executive delivering successful big data and analytics products in Marketing Automation, CRM, HR, AgTech, and healthcare research. I take product strategies and industry domain expertise honed over years, and combine them with efficiencies of open source and offshore teams. This enables launching products with 50 to 75% less costs and time to market.

I have been in the technology industry over 10 years, wearing different leadership hats in product development and management. In 2001, I co-founded a marketing analytics software company in San Francisco (Loyalty Matrix) as its CTO, and grew the company until 2007, when we were acquired by Responsys, now a part of Oracle. After that, I founded OpenI as a consulting company to help clients like Responsys Oracle, Kaspersky Labs, UCSF, and CareerBuilder with big data analytics and dashboard solutions.
Sandeep Giri
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  1. Shajid Issa


    I am currently working with i2b2 in Glenfield Hospital in Leicester,UK.

    I am currently evaluation openi, I have installed pentaho successfully.

    I am currently looking at building OLAP cubes in Microsoft SQL. I don’t have much experience with MS SQL,
    But I am playing around building the cubes, can you explain the cube structure for i2b2, do you have recommendation
    of how to build a cube and what tables to use in a cube, such as observation fact?

    What king of different cubes can be built?


  2. Melek

    I have an error after installing OpenI plugin: Could not get the slicer value null.
    Can you provide help please?

  3. Rojina Maharjan

    Hi Melek..

    Is it possible for you to send us the detailed log(pentaho.log should work)?
    Also let us know which pentaho BI version are you using?
    Basically, we have had success test runs on 3.8 and later.
    Since the first release of the plugin, there were copule of issues with the codebase which we have fixed , but not released yet.
    So, after going through your log, we will be in a better position to help with the issue and if possible, post you a fresh plugin zip containing new fixes.


  4. Rojina Maharjan

    Hi Shajid Issa,

    thanks for your interest in our plugin product for i2b2.
    I think, it would be better if we can discuss this in a separate email thread.
    You may want to send us your detailed requirements and further questions via


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