I discovered this on TED talks, and I completely agree that this is a true display of “passion for information visualization”.

The software used for the presentation is at http://www.gapminder.org and is also a google tool (http://tools.google.com/gapminder) It appears to be “bundled” with the global economic data, not sure if there is an open decoupled version that one can point to their data and play around. Although it seems flash-based and pulling data from static data sources (didn’t seem like rdbms, but I could be wrong) — but this would be a great way visualize OLAP data.

What’s interesting is the concept of a “play” button for the time dimension, which makes a great use of animation to see how different quantities (measures) change over time. It also manages the screen real-estate well to put different dimensions on X or Y-axis. But most of all, this truly exemplifies what data visualization is all about — it goes beyond the realm of charts and graphs that take a while to decipher, and rather tells a very clear, compelling, and visual story. Very impressive!