OpenI 3.0.1 is here (Pentaho Plugin for OLAP Data Visualization)

Dear OpenI Community, We are happy to announce the release of OpenI 3.0.1 as a plug-in for Pentaho CE. With this release, we will focus more on developing new features on top of Pentaho (and perhaps Jasper) instead of OpenI being a BI Server in itself. The OpenI plugin for Pentaho provides a simple and […]


OpenI Plug-in for i2b2 in HealthCare Research Analysis

OpenI plug-in for i2b2 in Healthcare research provides a business intelligence interface for patient cohort selection – dashboard, drill-down reports, direct download of underlying patient encounter data, and more


Replace Jaspersoft OLAP UI with OpenI Plug-In

I am happy to announce some fun and exciting changes at OpenI, and the alpha release of our team’s work over last couple of months. First – OpenI as a “BI platform” on its own will discontinue. Instead, we will use Pentaho and Jasper as our base platforms as needed. The approach is to release “OpenI […]


In Commercial Open Source, Partners = Community

But amazingly, you can get more contributors to your “premium” version (and “free” version as well by extension) if you build a great partnership program around it like Pentaho has done. This is because not only the “premium” version pays Pentaho’s rent, it also helps their partners to pay their rent as well.


Forrester Wave Categorizes OpenI as “Reporting Tool” – You Agree?

“The Forrester Wave™: Open Source Business Intelligence (BI), Q3 201” report by Boris Evelson came out today (Aug 10, 2010), categorizing OpenI as a “Reporting Tool” While we feel honored that Forrester took notice (last year they had pretty much called us “dead”), it is interesting to see that they see the Open Source BI […]


OpenI Differentiators

We received some decent feedback in our discussion thread on OpenI’s future roadmap. Here’s one from “noblomov” that describes how OpenI is different from other open source BI tools and where we should focus next (we couldn’t have said it any better – so thanks!) Hi Sandeep, thanks for sharing with us what should be the future of […]


OpenI’s Future as a BI Platform vs a BI Application

A great question came up on OpenI forum from Andre, which I feel is important to share with all of you: What new features that are planned for the Open? There is a forecast for the next version? What is the main advantage of the Openi on the Pentaho? Greetings, André What new features that […]


To Be (Open) or Not to Be (Open) – Dilemma of Pentaho Analyzer

First off – congratulations to our friends at Pentaho on making a great strategic acquisition of LucidEra’s ClearView product and embedding it in Pentaho Enterprise Edition. With this, Pentaho will completely replace JPivot as the web UI to view and report OLAP data. Many of us (including OpenI) have lamented about JPivot UI at one […]


OpenI 2.0-RC2 is Here

We just released OpenI 2.0-RC2. Our plan is to promote this RC to 2.0 general release in about 2 weeks, barring any new critical fixes. Big thanks to our team who have done a really great job. There is also a demo available at http://demo.openi.org/openi (login is openi2/openi2) And you can download it directly from: […]


Show Your Support for OpenI on Facebook

Gone are the days when Linus Torvalds could post on a bbs about his open source project and the entire world would flock there.  In this day and age, you need Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and who knows what else is coming down the pipeline So — dear OpenI community — to get things started, we […]