How is OpenI Different from JPivot?

Last week during a client meeting to evaluate a new project, a question came up — “If JPivot does all the MDX generation/parsing,   provides the UI components for charts and grahps and tables — what is it that OpenI does that’s different from JPivot?” A legitimate question indeed. First off — this is not […]


OpenI Goes Commercial

This week I completed my tenure as an employee at Responsys and started my new venture OpenI — a company that provides open source business intelligence software and services to businesses that want to be data-driven in their operational strategy. I guess you can call me a serial entrepreneur now, since OpenI will be my […]


OpenI 2.0 RC1 is Out

Today, we have the release candidate RC1 of OpenI 2.0 available for download. There is also a demo available at http://demo.openi.org/openi (login is openi2/openi2) We look forward to hearing your feedback on improving this release as we work on further testing of this version to get to general release. Please note that we are changing the license […]


OpenI Video Tutorial (in Spanish)

This renews my belief in open source — community is everything! Mariano García Mattío has put together a pretty detailed soup-to-nuts youtube video tutorial for OpenI (in Spanish) along with MySQL, Tomcat, and Mondrian. I guess we should get our act together and publish the English version soon 🙂 Thanks Mariano.


Deconstructing Hans Rosling’s Latest TED Talk

First off — Hans Rosling is an inspiration to us all in the business of analytics and data visualization. Not only this story is extremely relevant, but the way he shows the numbers — there is a lot to learn. I will make an attempt here to deconstruct his latest TED talk in terms of […]


Vote for OpenI in sf.net Community Choice Awards

Please support OpenI by voting for OpenI as the “best enterprise project” in the SourceForge.Net Community Choice Awards. Thanks!


OpenI 2.0 Beta is Released!

Dear OpenI Community: I am very happy to announce that today we released the beta version of OpenI 2.0. I want to thank our entire development team for all the hard work they have put in for this release. Please download it from sourceforge.net and try it out. We look forward to hearing your feedback […]


Business Intelligence for Startups

A product’s progress is measured not by features, but by user experience.   You can add a lot of value to your product by removing features. Spending 6 to 12 months with a 4-5 person team to develop the first release of your product is way too long. You can’t wait that long to get market […]


BI 2.0, Next Generation BI, and Everythig New and Improved

Fellow blogger Bhupendra Khanal has an interesting post that mentions the challenges associated with BI 2.0/Information 2.0 (he also plugs our very own OpenI, which is much appreciated — Bhupendra, may OpenI karma come back to you thousand-fold :-)Software industry, not unlike any other, contains a lot of hype and probably sometimes even more so […]


Taking BI Beyond Charts and Graphs

I attended a talk at the monthly BI SIG meeting at SDForum by Christian Marcazzo from Spotfire, now a part of Tibco. I have long admired Spotfire’s innovations on data visualization front, so I was curious how they see BI from the whole Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) aspect, and couple of things stood out. First – […]